Air Traffic Controller and Flight Service Specialist Canada

Air Traffic Controller and Flight Service Specialist Canada

Air Traffic Controller and Flight Service Specialist Canada

Are you intrigued by the prospect of becoming a Flight Service Specialist or an Air Traffic Controller? NAV CANADA is on the lookout for exceptional individuals to assume the crucial role of managing Canada’s airspace. While prior specialized training or experience is not a prerequisite – NAV CANADA provides all necessary training – certain key attributes are highly valued:

  1. Sound Judgment
  2. Clear Communication Skills and Acute Hearing
  3. Strong Motivation
  4. Good Memory Retention
  5. Exceptional Problem-Solving Abilities

To ensure the recruitment of top-tier candidates, our selection and training processes are thorough and highly competitive. Prospective applicants must meet the following fundamental prerequisites:

  1. Minimum age of 18 years.
  2. Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.

Additionally, candidates must be willing to relocate, meet medical standards, undergo security screening and be available for training upon successful completion of the recruitment process.

Language proficiency is also a crucial requirement, varying based on the region of operation:

  1. Gander Flight Information Region: English
  2. Moncton Flight Information Region: English
  3. Montreal Flight Information Region: Bilingual (English and French)
  4. Toronto Flight Information Region: English
  5. Winnipeg Flight Information Region: English
  6. Edmonton Flight Information Region: English
  7. Vancouver Flight Information Region: English

Note: Candidates applying for air traffic services positions in the Montreal Flight Information Region will undergo language testing to ensure compliance with bilingual language requirements.

A career with NAV CANADA in Air Traffic Services is dynamic and far from routine. Managing 18 million square kilometers of Canadian and oceanic airspace, with 40,000 customers and 3.3 million annual flights, NAV CANADA stands as one of the largest Air Navigation Service Providers globally.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Flight Service Specialists:
  1. Aerodrome Advisory Services (AAS): Provide essential information to arriving and departing aircraft, including traffic advisories, weather updates and airport advisory services.
  2. Flight Information Centres (FIC): Offer flight-planning services, interpretive weather information and en-route flight data to aircraft operating within Canadian airspace.
  1. Air Traffic Controllers:
  1. Area Controllers (Instrument Flight Rules – IFR): Responsible for coordinating the safe flow of air traffic within designated airspace regions.
  2. Tower Controllers (Visual Flight Rules – VFR): Directly oversee aircraft movement at airports, issuing instructions via radio communication.

Training and Compensation

  1. Flight Service Specialist (AAS):
    • Training includes initial classroom and simulator sessions, followed by on-the-job training.
    • Training Salary: $42,504
    • Duration: 8 to 11 months
    • Certified Specialist Salary Range: $68,464 to $104,811
  2. Flight Service Specialist (FIC):
    • Training comprises classroom instruction, pilot briefing courses and on-the-job training.
    • Training Salary: $42,504
    • Duration: 14 to 17 months
    • Certified Specialist Salary Range: $81,419 to $101,027
  3. Area Controller:
    • Training involves initial, specialty and on-the-job phases, including classroom and simulator components.
    • Training Salary: $49,622
    • Duration: 20 to 27 months
    • Certified Controller Salary Range: $116,106 to $170,241
  4. Tower Controller:
    • Training includes initial classroom and simulator training, followed by on-the-job experience.
    • Training Salary: $49,622
    • Duration: 10 to 18 months
    • Certified Controller Salary Range: $84,347 to $170,241

Application Process

Ready to embark on this exciting career journey? Begin by completing your online application on the NAV CANADA website.

Equal Opportunity and Inclusion

NAV CANADA is dedicated to cultivating a diverse workforce that mirrors the richness of Canadian society. Even if you don’t meet all job requirements, we encourage you to apply. Our company fosters a culture of learning and growth, recognizing that while certain technical skills are essential, many others can be developed through training.


We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible selection process and work environment. If you require accommodations during the recruitment process due to disability, please inform the interview coordinator or hiring manager and we will accommodate your needs accordingly.

Security and Safety

Successful candidates must meet security standards and be legally eligible to work in Canada. Pre-employment drug screening is mandatory for positions designated as safety-sensitive, in accordance with NAV CANADA’s Drug and Alcohol policy.

Thank you for considering a career with NAV CANADA. We appreciate all applications received and only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Join us in upholding safety and efficiency in Canadian airspace while enjoying a fulfilling and rewarding career in Air Traffic Services.



NAV CANADA is a private, non-profit corporation responsible for managing Canada’s civil air navigation system. It provides air traffic control, flight information, weather briefings and other aviation-related services across the country.

What roles are available at NAV CANADA?

NAV CANADA offers various roles, including Flight Service Specialists (Aerodrome Advisory Services and Flight Information Centres) and Air Traffic Controllers (Area Controllers and Tower Controllers).

Do I need prior experience or training to apply for positions at NAV CANADA?

No, prior specialized training or experience is required. NAV CANADA provides comprehensive training for all positions.

What are the basic requirements to apply for a career at NAV CANADA?

Basic requirements include being at least 18 years old, possessing a high school diploma or equivalent and being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Additional requirements may vary based on the specific role and region.

What is the application process like?

The application process typically involves submitting an online application on the NAV CANADA website. Candidates may need to undergo assessments, interviews and medical evaluations as part of the selection process.

What are the language requirements for positions at NAV CANADA?

Language requirements vary depending on the region of operation. Some regions require proficiency in English, while others require bilingual proficiency in English and French. Language testing may be conducted as part of the application process.

What is the training process like for Flight Service Specialists and Air Traffic Controllers?

Training for both Flight Service Specialists and Air Traffic Controllers includes classroom instruction, simulator sessions and on-the-job training. The duration and structure of training vary depending on the specific role.

What is the salary range for positions at NAV CANADA?

The salary range varies depending on the position, level of experience and region. Flight Service Specialists and Air Traffic Controllers receive competitive salaries, with opportunities for advancement.

Is NAV CANADA an equal opportunity employer?

Yes, NAV CANADA is committed to building a diverse workforce reflective of Canadian society. The company encourages individuals from all backgrounds to apply and fosters a culture of inclusivity and growth.

How can I get more information or assistance with the application process?

For more information or assistance with the application process, candidates can visit the NAV CANADA website or contact the recruitment team directly. Additionally, information sessions or career fairs may be held to provide further insights into career opportunities with NAV CANADA.

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